Website Optimization Series

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Hello my friends, this time I want to make a website optimization series. Through this series, I will discuss in detail how our website have optimally optimized.

Regardless of the design and content of the website itself, optimization here contains tips to improve the user experience so that they can longer on our website. After the user experience gets better, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can also affected to be good.

Oh yeah maybe some of you have thoughts why not just make a series for blog optimization instead of website optimization.

My reason is that the tips discussed here actually refer to website in general. In terms of its application, it will not only be for blogs, it can be for various types of websites.

  1. Good HTML Structure - Part 1
  2. Good HTML Structure - Part 2
  3. Critical Rendering Path for CSS and Preload Link
  4. Minimize the Size and Combine the Source Code
  5. Optimizing Image Delivery
  6. Optimizing Youtube Embed Videos
  7. Optimizing Disqus Comments
  8. Service Worker for Asset Caching

Hopefully through this series, we can pay more attention to how the user experiences when visiting website that we make.

If I find new ways to optimize this website, I will add it to the list above. Let's learn to apply this website optimization series. Our website will be loved by users while being loved by search engines as well.